Wonthaggi Heathland

Grey and windy again, patches of drizzle, the Wonthaggi Heathland- straggle of budding botanists! Despite the threatening weather, all rugged up, the intrepid enthusiasts oohed and aahed, argueing over identifications (some merely pointed binoculars at birds) especially of pea and guinea flowers.

Orchids seen were Nodding Greenhoods, Donkey Orchids, Mantis Orchid, Brownbeaks, Redbeaks, Eastern Spider-orchid, and masses of budding Sun-orchids Thelymitra media, ixiodes, and pauciflora). Plants around the ephemeral pools elicited some excitment: Stylidium inundatum, Drosera pygmaea, Viola cleitogamoides.
A lovely sighting was the first emergence of a Whistling Moth Hecatesia fenestrata and a new plant for the Heathland was Xanthosia Xanthosia huegelii.

Terri Allen

Leptopsermum continentale

Leptospermum continentale, Wonthaggi heathlands.