Tour through and around the southern Serra Range
Plant and bird lists

Leaders. David and Lyn Munro

A walk along the southern perimeter of the Grampians National Park. We started at the Mt Sturgeon carpark and followed the fire-trail along the Grampians NP perimeter. The return was alongside the banks of the Wannon River.

This was a leisurely ramble along the National Park fire-trail south from Mt Sturgeon carpark, through the gate into cleared paddock, then back along the river traversing the slope to rejoin the fire-track back to the carpark.
The area walked by this group was reported on by a group of FNCV naturalists in the 1920s. They concluded that the bush was severely degraded as a result of over-grazing by sheep and goats. It is worth noting that the environment has not yet recovered.

David Munro (Hamilton FNC)

PLANTS (except orchids)

Astroloma constephioides

Calytrix tetragona

Correa aemula

Cymbonotus preissianus

Grevillea dimorpha

Monotoca scoparia

Rutidosis multiflorus

Stellaria pungens

Styphelia adscendens


Caladenia carnea

Caladenia parva

Glossodia major

Pterostylis concinna

Pterostylis nana

Pterostylis nutans

Pterostylis pedunculata


Amanita xanthocephala

Amanita sp.

Agaracus sp.

Coltricia cinnamonea

Cortinarius (clelandii?)

Descolea recendens

Omphalina chromacea

Trametes sp – lilacogilva (?)


Eastern Spinebill


Crimson Rosella

Australian Magpie

Mistletoe Bird (a real highlight)

New Holland Honey-eater

White-throated Tree-creeper


Eastern grey Kangaroos (several dozen)

Black Wallaby