The Snobs Creek Hatchery

The speaker was Brett Ingram.


  • Eildon is aprt of the Murray Darling Basin, which has about 50 fish species, thirty of which are introduced.
  • Brett works mainly with Murray Cod and Trout Cod, which were regarded as the one species until 1970.
  • Trout Cod are more difficult to breed than Murray Cod.
  • Eggs take about 8 days to hatch and the young fish are fed a balanced diet. Artemia (Sea Monkeys) is a significant food item in the first days.
  • Young trout have many predators, including Water Boatmen and some beetles.
  • Trout Cod have been released successfully. Populations are monitored and fish movements recorded.


This was an interesting evening, and naturalists present now have a much better understanding of the breeding program.