Report on the walk at The NOBBIES

Saturday afternoon 20/4/2024. 16 degrees mostly cloudy.

After meeting in the car park at the Nobbies 23 people led by Gil Smith and Sue Wooley from Birdlife Bass Coast walked slowly along the boardwalk between the visitor centre and the rocky coastline.

Birds were observed on the rocks, in the air and water and we were fortunate to spot from the boardwalk, a Little Penguin who had decided to stay in its burrow for the day.

An echidna provided entertainment as it scratched its way up a steep slope. A dead fur seal was also seen on the rocks.

The 17 different species seen are listed in the table below. The first number in the bracket is the number of adult birds seen and the second number is the number of juveniles observed.

Cape Barren Goose (2, None)Australasian Gannet (2, None)
Black-faced Cormorant (1, None)Black-shouldered Kite (1, None)
Sooty Oystercatcher (1, None)Nankeen Kestrel (1, None)
Little Pied Cormorant (1, None)Little Penguin (1, None)
Australian Magpie (1, None)Shy Albatross (1, None)
Kelp Gull (2, None)Welcome Swallow (1, None)
White-faced Heron (2, None)Silver Gull (9, None)
Pacific Gull (4, Recently fledged young)Little Raven (1, None)
Flame Robin (1, None)

Binoculars and Gil’s scope greatly helped the identification, especially of the Gannets and the Shy Albatross which were at a distance out to sea.

Thanks to Sue and Philip Hopley for recording the birds and sending the list to Birdlife.

Many thanks to Gil and Sue for their expertise and the use of binoculars and Gil’s scope.

Dianne Young (Walk facilitator)