Snobs Creek Falls and Dry Creek Hill Road.

There were two trips to the falls and Dry Creek Hill Road.


The Falls. A track leads from the car park to the creek, and the falls can be seen from several viewing spots. Snobs Creek drops 120 metres over a series of rocky outcrops. The rocks are of hypersthene dacite – a volcanic rock that poured out in the Upper Devonian period about 350 million years ago.


The vegetation shows a remarkable difference to the dry sclerophyll forest only a few kilometres away. The vegetation includes Victorian Christmas Bush, Coprosma, Mountain Correa, Tasman Flax-lily, tree ferns and daisies.


Dry Creek Hill Road. A short distance upstream Dry Creek Hill Road crosses Snobs Creek. Cars were parked near the bridge and the groups walked for about kilometre along the road.


Tall Mountain Ash were growing near the creek. Away from the creek the trees are Manna Gums, and Narrow-leaf Peppermint grows at at higher elevations. The fruit of Coprosma, Narrow-leaf Bramble (or Native Raspberry) and Tasman Flax Lily were prominent. Other shrubs included Rough Pomaderris and Musk Daisy-bush. The blue flowers of Self Heal were prominent near the car park.


The sides of the cuttings were decorated with mossses and lichens – Podetia with feathery btanches and tiny green sqamules. The end of a mossy log provided a strong wall for a brown and white bracket fungus.