Bird List

The list includes records placed on the check sheet and/or submitted to the web site.


Great Crested Grebe           H              A  Camp area
Hoary-headed Grebe            H              B  Cathedral Range/Cook Mill
Australian Pelican            NPZ            C  Snobs Creek area             
Yellow-billed Spoonbill       P              D  Perfect Cure track  
Great Cormorant               ACH            E  Candlebarks (Trust for Nature Prop)          
Little Pied Cormorant         HN             F  Jerusalem Creek
Pied Cormorant                P              G  Goulburn River walk, Thornton
Great Egret                   N              H  Eildon Pondage walk
White-necked Heron            NZ             J  Gobur F&FR 
White-faced Heron             JNZ            K  Mckenzie F&FR
Australian White Ibis         HPZ            L  Rubicon Historical Area
Straw-necked Ibis             Z              M  Molesworth Wildlife Reserve
Black Swan                    H              N  Halls Flat
Pacific Black Duck            ACHMN          P  Pykes Billabong
Chestnut Teal                 H              R  Rubicon Historic area    
Australian Wood Duck          JNZ            S  Skyline Road        
Musk Duck                     H              Z  Other areas  
Brown Goshawk                 JK?  
Whistling Kite                G
Collared Sparrowhawk          KN             #  heard
Wedge-tailed Eagle            JLSZ           ?  unconfirmed sighting.
Purple Swamphen               NPZ
Dusky Morrhen                 P
Eurasian Coot                 H
Masked Lapwing                Z
Common Bronzewing             C
Crested Pigeon                Z
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo  BC#H
Gang-gang Cockatoo            CLNP
Galah                         AGZ
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo      ABHJKMNPZ
King PArrot                   BF
Crimson Rosella               ABEFHJKLMNPZ
Eastern Rosella               KLP
Red-rumped Parrot             K
Kookaburra                    BDEJKLN
Rainbow Bee-eater             K
Lyrebird                      ABC#
Welcome Swallow               CKPZ
Tree Martin                   DK
Richard's Pipit               J
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike     EJP
Rose Robin                    L
Scarlet Robin                 L
Eastern Yellow Robin          BDEHKM
Golden Whistler               DHL
Rufous Whistler               BD#EJKLNP
Grey Shrikethrush             BEFJKL
Restless Flycatcher           JKP
Grey Fantail                  BEFG#HJKLMNP
Willie Wagtail                AHJKMZ
Eastern Whipbird              C#
Clamorous Reed-warbler        P?
Golden-headed Cisticola       P
Superb Fairy Wren             ABEGHJKLMNP
White-browed Scrubwren        ABCH
Weebill                       JK
Western Gerygone              P?
Brown Thornbill               BDEHKLM
Striated Thornbill            BE
Buff-rumped Thornbill         E
Yellow-rumped Thornbill       A
White-throated Treecreeper    ABDEJKL
Red Wattlebird                BHKL
Bell Miner                    M
Lewins Honeyeater             B
Yellow-faced Honeyeater       AHLNP
White-eared Honeyeater        L
White-plumed Honeyeater       ABEJKM
Brown-headed Honeyeater       L
Crescent Honeyeater           L
New Holland Honeyeater        CK
Eastern Spinebill             BKL
Mistletoe Bird                EK
Spotted Pardalote             BEGJKLM
Striated Pardalote            EGK
Silvereye                     CBHKLMPR
Red-browed Finch              CHM
Olive-backed Oriole           MP
Satin Bowerbird               B
White-winged Chough           BJ
Dusky Woodswallow             K
Grey Butcherbird              EH
Magpie Lark                   GH
Magpie                        ABGHJKLNPZ
Pied Currawong                ABCEHJKLS
Australian Raven              KZ
Little Raven                  A

Total:  90 species