Seana Spring Camp October 14th to 16th 2017 Little Desert Nature Lodge

Walks led by Lynn & Neal Smith


Little Desert Nature Lodge Loop Walk   Saturday 15th (pm)


This walk commenced near the Camp Kitchen at the Little Desert Nature Lodge.  We walked along the roadway to the Vermin proof fence, through the gate then to the start of the walk.  Although the Nature walk is 2.5km the walk to and from the Lodge adds another kilometre. Some of the signage has deteriorated and some of the seats are not safe to sit on.  It is a relatively exposed track and a sunny afternoon we advised participants to carry water and wear a hat. On the walk we meandered through heathlands and small stands of Mallee, Stringybarks and Cypress pines. We observed 2 different Banksia and admired the cones on the Banksia ornate.  A small Dragon and lots of Satin Forrester Moths were seen and a flock of White winged Choughs.


Other plants seen were as per the list below but not all were in flower

Banksia                                                 Banksia ornata

Banksia                                                 Banksia marginata

Creeping Muntries                             Kunzea pomifera

Common Fringe-myrtle                    Calytrix tetragona

Daphne Heath                                     Brachyloma daphnoides

Desert Stringybark                             Eucalyptus arenacia

Grey Mulga                                          Acacia brachybotrya

Yellow Mallee                                      Eucalyptus costata subsp. murrayana (was incrassata)

Slender Leaf Mallee                           Eucalyptus leptophylla

Slender Cypress Pine                         Callitris gracilis

Oyster Bay Pine                                   Callitris rhomboidea

Scrub Sheoak                                       Allocasuarina paludosa

Dwarf Sheoak                                      Allocasuarina pusilla

Flame Heath                                        Astroloma conostephioides

Hooded Orchid                                   Caladenia cucullate

Pink Fingers                                        Caladenia carnea

Leopard Orchid                                   Diuris pardina

Sun Orchid                                           (purple)Scented?

Gorse Bitter Pea                                   Daviesia uliciflora

Showy parrot pea                                 Dillwynia sericea

Twining fringe lily                               Thysanotus patersonii

Tall Bluebells                                        Wahlenbergia stricta

Milkmaids                                             Burchardia umbellate

Fireweed                                               Senecio picridiodes   has purple under leaves