Seana Spring Camp October 14th to 16th 2017 Little Desert Nature Lodge

Walks led by Lynn & Neal Smith


Wimpey’s Waterhole Area Walk         Sunday Morning


This walk commenced at the Camp Kitchen at the Little Desert Nature Lodge.  We walked along the fence line to the waterhole where several birds were sighted.  We then proceeded through the gate into the native flora garden and revegetation area.  The revegetation area was direct seeded with predominately Wattle seed.  This has grown into a dense stand of Wattles interspersed with a few Gums and a good area for birds.   Pamphlets are available from the Lodge for a guided walk along this track and we used the track notes to help identify plants.  The entire walk is approximately 3.8 km, but we returned to the Lodge about halfway via the start of the Nature Loop walk.


On the walk the we saw Sticky Hopbush ( Dodonaea viscosa), Twiggy Daisy Bush ( Olearia ramulosa) in flower, Gaunt Rice Flower ( Pimelea stricta),  Scale Shedder (Lepidobolus drapetocoleus)a wiry perennial that sheds its scales, Slender Twine Rush (Leptocarpus tenax), Scented Mat-rush (Lomandra effuse) , large area of Blue Flax Lily (Dianella revoluta).  Also a small Dragon and lots of Satin Forrester Moths were observed.


Other plants seen were as per the list below but not all were in flower


Creeping Muntries                          – Kunzea pomifera

Violet Honey Myrtle                       -Melaleuca wilsonii

Common Fringe-myrtle                 -Calytrix tetragona

Daphne Heath                                   – Brachyloma daphnoides

Grey Mulga                                        -Acacia brachybotrya

Scrub Sheoak                                     -Allocasuarina paludosa

Dwarf Sheoak                                    – Allocasuarina pusilla

Golden Pennants                             -Glischrocaryon behrii

Flame Heath                                      -Astroloma conostephioides

Hooded Orchid                                 -Caladenia cucullate

Pink Fingers                                        -Caladenia carnea

Leopard Orchid                                 -Diuris pardina

Sun Orchid                                          -(purple)  Scented?

Gorse Bitter Pea                               -Daviesia uliciflora

Leafless Bitter Pea                           -Daviesia brevifolio

Bent Goodenia                                 -Goodenia geniculate

Milkmaids                                         -Burchardia umbellate





Striated Pardalote

New Holland Honeyeater

Grey Fantail

White-browed Wood Swallows

Superb Fairy-wren

Grey Shrike Thrush

White-winged Triller

Rufous Whistler