SEANA Kiata area excursions – October 14 & 15, 2017

The whole-day excursion, conducted twice, visited the Kiata Flora Reserve, the Kiata Campground, and the Sanctuary Picnic Reserve featuring the Keith Hately Walk.  There were 17 people on Saturday and 20 on Sunday.


The excursion started each day with a little more than an hour at the Kiata Flora Reserve with a good number of orchids (dominated by Caladenia tensa and Thelymitra Alcockaea, but also with one good example of Caladenia lowanensis – the Wimmera Spider Orchid which has very limited distribution).  We then had a short stop on Reserve Road, where there was a very good stand of Spider Orchids (probably Caladenia tensa). We then moved on to the Kiata Campground for morning tea, followed the an hour-long search for birds which were abundant in the yellow gum – black box woodland.  There was also a good stand of Swainsona procumbens – the Broughton Pea.  After lunch and another short walk in the campground, highlighted by a number of different acacias, Eremophila gibbifolia and Prostanthera aspalathoides.  We then stopped twice along the Campground road to inspect spectacular displays of Golden Pennants, Calytrix tetragona , Micromyrtus ciliata, Blue Boronia (Boronia coerulescens subsp. coerulescens )and Violet Honey-myrtle (Melaleuca wilsonii).  The final walk was around the Sanctuary Picnic Ground where, on the Saturday some of saw a Mallee Fowl, while others had a good view of a group of White-winged Choughs attacking a large lace monitor – which appeared not too bothered by the attention.


As indicated in the lists we saw a large number of different plants and 43 bird species.  Most of the birds were seen at the Campground.


Animals sighted included stumpy-tail lizards, a wallaby, an echidna and large lace monitors at both the Campground and the Sanctuary area.


Of the many birds the obvious highlights were the Mallee Fowl at the Sanctuary and a young Owlet Nightjar at the Kiata Flora Reserve


Swainsona procumbens

Caladenia lowanensis

Stackhousia aspericocca subsp. one-sided


Mallee Fowl

White[winged Chough

Eastern Rosella


Red-rumped Parrot

Hooded Robin

Red-capped Robin

Brown Tree-creeper

Superb Fairy Wren

Variegated Fairy Wren

Willy Wagtail


Magpie Lark

Australian Raven

Little Raven

Dusky Woodswallow

Eastern Spinebill

Singing Honeyeater

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater

White-browed Woodswallow

Fantail Cuckoo


White-naped Honeyeater

White-plumed Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater

White-eared Honeyeater

Noisy Miner

White-browed Babbler

Peaceful Dove

Rainbow Bee-eater

Nankeen Kestrel

Grey Shrike-thrush


Owlet Nightjar

Spotted Pardalote

Striated Pardalote

Grey Currawong

Chestnut-rumped Thornbill

Brown Songlark

Rufous Songlark

Nankeen Kestrel


Jacky Winter


Plant list (prepared by Geoff Lay)

Callitris gracilis Slender Cypress-pine
Callitris rhomboidea* Oyster Bay Pine
Chamaescilla corymbosa var. corymbosa Blue Stars
Lomandra sp.
Ficinia nodose

Caladenia carnea

Knobby Club-sedge

Pink Fingers

Caladenia cucullata Hooded Caladenia
Caladenia lowanensis Wimmera Spider-orchid
Caladenia tensa Rigid Spider-orchid
Microtis arenaria Notched Onion-orchid
Thelymitra alcockaea Alcock’s Sun-orchid
Dianella revoluta var. revoluta Black-anther Flax-lily
Carpobrotus modestus Inland Pigface
Ptilotus seminudus Rabbit Tails
Daucus glochidiatus Austral Carrot
Actinobole uliginosum Flannel Cudweed
Allittia uliginosa Small Swamp-daisy
Blennospora drummondii Dwarf Beauty-heads
Chrysocephalum semipapposum Clustered Everlasting
Leptorhynchos tenuifolius Wiry Buttons
Leptorhynchos waitzia Button Immortelle
Millotia sp.
Podotheca angustifolia Sticky Longheads
Rhodanthe corymbiflora Paper Sunray
Senecio quadridentatus Cotton Fireweed
Triptilodiscus pygmaeus Common Sunray
Vittadinia sp. New Holland Daisy
Wahlenbergia stricta subsp. stricta Tufted Bluebell
Wahlenbergia graniticola Granite Bluebell
Allocasuarina muelleriana var. muelleriana Slaty Sheoak
Convolvulus sp. Pink Bindweed
Hibbertia riparia Erect Guinea-flower
Hibbertia sericea subsp. sericea Silky Guinea-flower
Astroloma conostephioides Flame Heath
Brachyloma daphnoides Daphne Heath
Daviesia arenaria Mallee Bitter-pea
Daviesia pectinata Thorny Bitter-pea
Eutaxia microphylla Common Eutaxia
Swainsona procumbens Broughton Pea
Dampiera dysantha Shrubby Dampiera
Goodenia geniculata Bent Goodenia
Goodenia pusilliflora Small-flower Goodenia
Velleia arguta Grassland Velleia
Glischrocaryon behrii Golden Pennants
Ajuga australis Austral Bugle
Acacia brachybotrya Grey Mulga
Acacia euthycarpa Wallowa
Acacia farinosa Mealy Wattle
Acacia glandulicarpa Hairy-pod Wattle
Eremophila gibbifolia Coccid Emu-bush
Babingtonia behrii Broom Baeckea
Calytrix alpestris Snow Myrtle
Calytrix tetragona Common Fringe-myrtle
Eucalyptus costata subsp. murrayana Yellow Mallee
Leptospermum coriaceum Green Tea-tree
Melaleuca wilsonii Violet Honey-myrtle
Micromyrtus ciliata Heath-myrtle
Comesperma calymega Blue-spike Milkwort
Stenanthemum leucophractum White Cryptandra
Boronia coerulescens subsp. coerulescens Blue Boronia
Exocarpos aphyllus Leafless Ballart
Dodonaea bursariifolia Small Hop-bush
Stackhousia aspericocca subsp. one-sided Rough-nut Stackhousia
Pimelea humilis Common Rice-flower
Prostanthera aspalathoides

Burchardia umbellata

Scarlet Mint-bush