SEANA Campout at Forrest 2007

The autumn meeting of South-east Australian Naturalists Association was at Forrest and organised by the Geelong Field Naturalists Club. A range of field trips were held during the six days of the meeting. Most trips were scheduled on more than one day. The trips were to


  • Goat Track (Barwon Downs) and West Barwon Dam
  • Wild Dog-Grey River Road and Sabine Falls
  • Hopetoun Falls and Maits Rest
  • Lake Elizabeth and Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground
  • Big Trees (Mountain Ash)
  • Pennyroyal Falls and Matthews Creek.
  • Melba Gully and Old Beechy Rail Trail
  • Red Rock.


Evening talks were


  • Trevor Pescott – the Otways
  • Greg Williams – the Gellibrand River
  • Irene Spokes – birds of the Otways
  • Enid Mayfield – flora of the Otways
  • Geoff Beilby – orchids of the Otways
  • Neville Walsh – ferns


Excursion Reports


Lake Colac
Maits Rest
Red Rock
Photo album