Pallisters Reserve

This was a great walk. Half a day was not long enough. Some highlights were

  • the sighting of Dusky Woodswallows.
  • two Hyacinth Orchids Dipodium roseum flowering in the southern section.
  • Many birds drinking at the water tank: Red-browed Finches, Goldfinches, White-naped, Yellow-faced, White-eared, White plumed and New Holland Honeyeaters.
  • a lovely Rhinoceros Beetle, which was photographed.
  • lots of butterlies, mostly Common Brown. Another Brown did not settle.
  • an abundance of birds near the bird bath – flocks of Red-browed Firetails, New Holland, White-naped and White-plumed Honeyeaters, Wagtails, Grey Fantails, Swallows, Fairy-wren and Goldfinches.
  • Contributed – various