Owls of the World – Talk by Dr David Holland

Dr. David Hollands, who with his doctor wife Margaret migrated from England in 1961, gave an outstanding talk as part of the evening program at the SEANA October Campout.

A lifelong interest. David has had a life long interest in ornithology, and particularly in bird photography, which has resulted in the publication of a number of outstanding books including “Eagles, Hawks and Falcons” (1984), “Birds of the Night” (1991), and “Kingfishers & Kookaburras”(1999). His latest book is “Owls – Journeys Round the World”, and this was the subject of his talk.

He confessed to a great love of owls dating back to childhood, and pursued particularly over the last ten years. He spoke of interesting experiences in his journeys and the growing threat to the survival of many species. There are approximately 200 species of owls in the world, and his book illustrates only 21, but it presents a beautifully produced and magnificently illustrated study of these.

Countries visited on his journeys include Japan, Finland, England, Austria, Alaska, Oregon (U.S.A.), Costa Rica, and Argentina as well as the States of Victoria and Queensland in Australia.

Difficulties of Owl Photography He illustrated his talk with many of his beautiful slides, some showing the difficulties a nature photographer has often to endure to get the shots he desires. He answered numerous questions from the floor, and at supper, before returning to his home in Orbost where he still practices medicine.