Oswin Roberts Reserve Report

Leader John Eichler, Facilitators: June Anton and Anna Burley.

The largest remaining eucalypt woodland on Phillip Island, 150 acres, including wetlands. This land was donated to the people of Victoria by Florence Oswin Roberts, a passionate conservationist and wildlife carer, of Koalas in particular, from the early 1900’s.

Plants identified:

Rhagodia, ericifolia melaleuca, Spinyheaded mat rush, Bower spinach + climbing on tree, Sweet bursaria, Wonga vine (dead) and alive, Poa, nodding rush, sheoak, native cypress, kangaroo apple, Melaleuca, white elderberry, swamp gum, wild cherry, weeping grass, (microlaena) dodder laurel, lepidosperma sedge, kidneyweed, hop goodenia, fireweed native daisy, small leaf clematis, coast beard heath, blue gum (nuts), narrow-leafed peppermint, broadleafed peppermint, black wattle, kangaroo grass, coastal banksia, monotoca glauca, coastal tee tree, manna gum, creeping mistletoe, bridle creeper.

Puffballs, gymnopilus, orange fungi, bracket fungi, white/yellow fungi

Animals identified:

Kookaburra, wren, small moths, bull ants, dead and live click beetles, wallaby, masked lapwings, wood cockroach under log, magpie, native centipede, golden Whistler, bracken moths, Portuguese millipede, black faced cuckoo shrike, frog, thrush,pardalote, male golden Whistler, grey shrike thrush, grey fantail, orange and black wasp, small spider with eggs, welcome swallow, striated thornbill, white-eared honeyeater, Galahs, little raven, butcher bird, brown goshawk, passalid beetle, cocoon, termite mound.