Nature Trail at Little Desert Lodge November 2004

Nature Trail at Little Desert Lodge 2004. Self-guided tour

The nature trail is one of three connected nature trails between Little Desert Lodge and Stringybark Trail. The trail is remarkable for the range of plants present. The trail passes through sandy flats, sandy rises, and low-lying clay areas. Each of the soil types has a different vegetation community.

An excellent guide to the plants on the trail was available from the lodge office. I was fortunate enough to walk along the trail with a group. It’s an occasion when more eyes was an advantage, and a surprising number of orchids were seen.

In the sand areas, Desert Stringybark and Cypress Pines are the dominant plants. We were able to see two species of Cypress Pine present in the park, the tall White Cypres-pine, and the Oyster Bay Cypress-pine. In lower, damper areas, the stringbarks are replaced by Yellow Gum.

On the return leg, the sandy slopes were covered with a profusion of white flowers of the Heath Tea-tree. A little further on, the white was replaced by the bright yellow of Golden Pennants.

A great nature trail, and one of the highlights of the campout.



One of the patches of Golden Pennants (Photo: Muriel Sovar)

Desert Stringybarks are beautiful trees. Many have interesting shapes.