Lake Condah

Birds seen on the excursion included:

Brown Falcon

Long-billed Corella



Willie Wagtail


Magpie Lark
Blue-winged Parrot

Little Raven

Black-shouldered Kite

Welcome Swallow

Red Wattlebird

Grey Shrike-thrush

Brolga (3)
Yellow-billed Spoonbill

Australian Shelduck

Pacific Black Duck

Black Swan

Masked Lapwing

Cattle Egret

White-faced heron

Plants used by aborigines included:

Common Reed Phragmites australis

Sedge Carex : fibre

Mat-rush Lomandra species : fibre

Bindweed Calystegia : food

Water Parsnips : food

Narrow-leaf Water-ribbon : food

Knotweed Polygonum: food and fibre

Geranium Geranium : food and fibre

Black Wattle Acacia mearnsii : food, gum, seeds

Cherry Ballart: Exocarpos cupressiformis : food

Sheoke Allocasuarina

Manna Gum Eucalyptus viminalis

Sow Thistle Sonchus : food

Trying to imagine the landsscape and its resources that existed for thousands of years was a mind-expanding experience. The cultural art work of the stone fence sculpture in the middle of the paddock was a delightul surprise.

Contributed – various

Watching Plovers

1, 2 Learning about aboriginal stone eel traps.


3. Volacanic blister, near lake Condah

4. Stone wall sculpture at Lake Condah area

Photos: Val Hocking.