Horsham Wetlands and Wimmera River.

Vicroads Edition 6: Map 554 A9-J5

Location.There are at least four sections.

  • Downstream of the weir. Walk from the car park close to the west end of Barnes Blvd.
  • The Wimmera River eastwards from the weir to the Western Hwy Bridge. Access from Barnes Blvd.
  • The wetlands on the west side of the Botanic Gardens. Access from Eastgate Drive.
  • The Wimmera River east of the Western Highway.Access from Mendaue St or walk under the highway bridge from the western side.

Attractions include

  • the river walk
  • bird watching
  • aquatic vegetation and animals
  • the botanic gardens, including the plantings along the wetland.
  • The eremophilas in the botanic gardens

1: Part of the wetland west of the weir. Incoming water from the built-up area is purified by passing through vegetation.
2: The area is a good place for bird watching.


3. Nardoo growing in the wetland.
4. Footbridge across the Wimmera River billabong. This is part of the Lawrie Rudolph Walk, which extends for 2.6 km along the river.

river walk
botanic gardens

5. Walking track east of the highway bridge along the river.The show grounds is on the left.

Part of the wetland in the northern section of the botanic gardens.