History of Mallacoota – Talk by Glinda Major

Early Days – the aborigines The aborinal population were Maap Bidawell, part of the Kurnai group linked to the larger Kruaetungalung( men of the east) – Yuan contacts.

Early days – early European contacts included Captain Cook, the wreck of the Sydney Cove in 1797, and from the sea trade from Sydney to Melbourne and Hobart. Early settlement in the general area involved whaling, and attempts at introduction of cattle, sheep, wheat and corn.

1850-1900 – Settlement.A Wreck of the Monumental City in 1853 off Gabo Island resulted in the lighthouse being built on Gabo Island by 1862.

Wattle Bark strippers operated, and a bark factory was set up at Gypsy Point. There were some early settlers. The land acts of 1884 allowed for closer settlement, and surveying became important. As a result of closer settlement, a school was built at Genoa in 1891.

Consolidation in the early 20th Century. The survey of the town was completed 19919, with provision made for parks and schools. Boats were used to transport goods to Eden and Melbourne. Accommodation was available, for example, at Mallacoota House and Karbeethong Guest House.

During WW2 the Armed Services Communications operated in the area, and an airstrip and No 16 Radar Station were was built on Gabo Island.