Healesville Sanctuary and Coranderrk

A total of 42 delegates visited the Sanctuary over the 2 days for a 3-hour guided tour followed by the Birds of Prey presentation. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Highlights for the tours were:

  • the visit to the Animal Hospital
  • the Nocturnal House
  • the Birds of Prey show.

On Saturday a number of participants stayed on to visit Coranderrk. Before commencing the walk, Kevin Mason provided a brief talk on the history of the Sanctuary along with an historic video of platypus at the Sanctuary. The walk was then undertaken under the expert guidance of Paul Slinger (Habitat Manager of Healesville Sanctuary).

Highlights of this tour included:

  • 9 species of orchids in flower especially Caladenia iridescens and C. pusilla,
  • coming upon the beautiful large lake during the walk
  • ,

  • Darters and cormorants nesting on the lake
  • Watching a Swamp Harrier dive-bombing the nesting Darters, and
  • watching a pair of Australian Hobbies skim around the skies.

In all, there were 50 different bird species sighted during the Sanctuary and Coranderrk walks. List of orchid in flower:

Tiger orchid (Diuris sulphurea)
Waxlip orchid (Gossodia major)
Tiny Caladenia (Caladenia pusilla)
Pink Fingers (Caladenia carnea)
Cinnamon Bells (Gastrodia sesamoides)
Slender Sun-orchid (Thelymitra pauciflora)
Common Bird-orchid (Chiloglottis valida)
Bronze Caladenia (Caladenia iridescens)
White Caladenia (Caladenia catenata)

Other orchids:
Nodding Greenhood (Pterostylis nutans) – finished flowering
Rosy Hyacinth-orchid (Dipodium roseum) – shoots to 8cm high