Goulburn River Walk at Thornton

Leaders were Jeanette Curry from the Goulburn Murray Catchment Management Authority, and Graham Page.


Riverside Vegetation. Money from fishing licences is used pay for revegetation along the river bank after memoval of willows. Seeds are collected locally. More grasses will be planted during 2005.


The group then walked along the river to view vegetation. A rock groyne was put in to deflect water from where willows have been removed and help protect the bank while regeneration takes place. Anglers also use the rock groynes. Kangaroo Apple is self-sown along the river.


Areas of reclaimed farmland along the banks has many weeds that require spraying.


Willows. Jeanette manages 13 sites along the river banks. Willow stumps reshoot and need to be poisoned. Some poisoned willows are still standing. The plan is to chop down branches and then revegetate. On-going management is needed to keep the banks clear of willows. Any branches dropped along the river can regrow.


Thanks to Jeanette for her knowledge and enthusiasm.

(From notes provided by Lynn Smith)