Curdies Inlet, Port Campbell

Telescopes were ideal for watching the Hooded Plovers


The Calathamnus under observation

The excursion was to Curdies Inlet at Port Campbell and to the Port Campbell beach. Highlights included a fine view of a soaring White-breasted Sea Eagle, several Hooded Plover, flocks of Blue-winged Parrots and a Calothamnus, which sat for some time in full view on a reed. The Inlet was unusually full – the water level depends in part on when the sand bar was last breached. There were masses of water birds, particularly on the eatern side. Unfortunately, the inlet is frequented by shooters during the duck open season.

Thanks to our leaders, Richard and Jenny Stevens for an interesting excursion.


Bird List

Great Crested Grebe

Hoary-headed Grebe

Little Peguin

Australian Pelican

Australasian Gannet

Black-faced Shag

Great Cormorant

Little Pied Cormorant

White-faced Heron

Great Egret

Black Swan

Grey Teal

Chestnut Teal

White-breasted Sea-eagle

Masked Lapwing

Hooded Plover

Black-fronted Plover

Black-winged Stilt

Red-necked Stint

Silver Gull

Crested Tern

Blue-winged Parrot

Grey Fantail

Willie Wagtail

Superb Fairy Wren


Red Wattlebird

White-eared Honeyeater

Singing Honeyeater


European Goldfinch

Common Starling



Bird list provided by John Gregurke