Crags, Yambuk and Fitzroy River mouth

The Crags. Singing Honeyeaters were flying around the path to the Crags. They like to sit on the top of bushes.Coastal vegetation included Bower Spinach Tetragonia impexicoma , Saltbush Atriplex cinerea and Coastal Everlasting Olearia axillaris in flower.

The Crags has new imnformation signs about history, geology etc. and does not allow acces to the beach. There are great views of rock formations, the beach, and across the water to Lady Julia Island or Dean Maar.

Yambuk Wetlands. Next stop was at wetlands along Yambuk Road. Birds included White-faced Heron, Magpie Geese, masses of Swans, Pied Cormorant, White Ibis, Coot, Grey Teal, Shoveller and Musk Duck.

Moring tea was at Yambuk where we spent an hour and a half walking across sand dunes to the beach. Pretty pink and white seaweed were on the beach. Large Emu tracks could be seen along the yellow sand. Sightings included Hooded Plover, Red-necked Stint, Double-banded Plover and Red-capped Plover.

Private Beach. We then drove on to a private beach. Chances are that we will never get back here. It was l–o–n–g, clean apart from seaweed and some intriguing old beach shelters, complete with wooden beds.

Fitzroy River Mouth. On then to Fitzroy River mouth for a cuppa and a walk to see across to the mouth.

This was a most enjoyable day full of interest – natural, scenic, man-made, fresh air. I think think that the Magpie Geese were particularly interesting to most people. Thank you Helen, Paul and Alan.