Cathedral Range State Park.

The leader was Cathy Oliver.


Cooks Mill. On arrival at Cooks Mill camping area, we were met with a scene which looked busier than Bourke Street – campers where everywhere. Before we disapppeared down the Friends Track to peace and tranquility, we had a quick side trip through the camp to view a Bower Birds’ nest with a collection of blue bits and pieces, gathered from around the camp. The remains of Cooks timber mill at the beginning of the track and a little history from Cathy gave an insight into the history of the timber industry from 1930 to 1971.


Notable vegetation included the sedge areas (home to the Long-nose Bandicoot and Antichinus), the tall Manna Gums (with a Koala in a fork), and riparian vegetation along the river.


Beautiful fungi. Fungi seen at the base of Manna Gums included Phlebopus marginatus, Russula persanguinea, Omphalotas nidiformis and Trametes diversicolor.


Along the track. Bird life was abundant from the outset and many Lyre Bird scratchings were seen. A yabby was rescued along the track and returned to the creek. During the walk walkers increased their vitamin C by munching wild currants.