Beach west of Port Fairy

On Saturday it was a superb warm morning, with light sea breezes. Walking along the fine sand we were lucky to sight many birds, icluding:

Welcome Swallow

Greenfinch (pair)

Willie Wagtail

Hooded Plover
Banded Plover

White-fronted Chat


Crested Tern
Masked Lapwing

Red-necked Stint

Pacific Gull (adult and juv.)

Red-capped Dotterel

We watched a seething mass of Stints in the kelp, running forward into the water and then back again. On the way back we were lucky to see a Little Eagle in flight, above the edge of the sand dunes. There was also a Gannet feeding in the surf.

All in all it was a beautiful morning, especially for us land-lubbers. Thank you.


On Sunday it was overcast with a south-west wind. We parked on private property, and then crossed green, grassy horse paddocks to the beach. Singing Honeyeaters were heard.

Birds seen along the beach included:

Sooty Oystercatcher

Pied Oystercatcher

Gannets (over sea)

Sooty Albatross

White-fronted Chats (5)

Masked Lapwing

Pacific Gull

Crested Tern

Hooded Plover (c.50)

Red-necked Stint

Double-banded Plover

Red-capped Dotterel

Kelp Gull

Striated Field-wren

Great Cormorant

Caspian Tern
White-faced Heron

Pacific Golden Plover

Ruddy Turnstone (c.30)



Willie Wagtail

Many thanks to Barbara for conducting the excursion and to the land holder for allowing access.


Watching Plovers

1. Bird watching at a private beach west of Port Fairy. Many Hooded Plovers were seen.

2. Rocks at the private beach.

Photos: Val Hocking.