Beach east of Port Fairy

East Beach. This was a self-conducted outing to East Beach, following advice from Mary Griffiths of a dead, washed up albatross. It was confirmed to be Grey-headed Albatross,

Other observations included a Nankeen Kestrel hunting over the dunes. There were many Mountain Ducks and Black Swans inland, seen while driving out.

Killarney Beach. The group continued east to Killarney Beach. Birds seen included Pacific Gulls, Silver Gulls, Ruddy Turnstones (in large numbers), Masked Lapwings, a Little Pied Cormorant, a Sooty Oystercatcher, a Pied Oystercatcher, and a dead Fairy Penguin.

Belfast Coastal Reserve. Sunshine briefly broke through. Birds included Silver Gulls (vast numbers on the beach to the east), turnstones, Gannets (over the sea), Crested Terns and a Pied Oystercatcher. On the return another dead Fairy Penguin was found.