Baxters Wetlands at Wonthaggi

Leader: David Mules; Facilitator: Jacqui Mules

On Monday morning, a very small group visited the Wonthaggi Rifle Range and then Baxter Wetlands. We met up with Noela, a Wonthaggi birdwatcher who came to join us. Despite the wind, we managed to find about 30 birds. Highlights were the Hoary-headed Grebe sitting on its nest and the Australasian Shoveller with 7 or 8 ducklings. There were lots of both Cisticolas and Masked Lapwings (with one on its nest).

At Baxters there was a Purple Swamp-hen on its nest, but the best find was a Grey Currawong, the first recorded for this site.There was lots of the red aquatic fern Azolla carpeting the close shore, and we enjoyed the White-fronted Chats scurrying up and down on it.

Latrobe Valley FNC

Pacific Azolla