A walk in the Jancourt Messmate Forest

A mature Messmate. Messmate has permanent stringy bark.


Prickly Moses Acacia verticillata in pod. The leaves of Prickly Moses are wire-like and in whorls.

Jancourt Forest is remarkable for the beautiful stands of Messmate Eucalyptus obliqua. In many other parts of Victoria Mesmate grows with a variety of other eucalypt species. The size ranged from saplings to old mature trees.

In early autumn only a few plants were in flower. The flowering plants included Hyacinth Orchids Dipodium roseum. It is spectacular when in flower, with the long brown flower stalk and the bright pink flowers. Leaves are absent. Other species of Hyacinth Orchid have spotted pink flowers.

A Sword-Sedge Brown butterfly obligingly sat motionless beside the path.

Thanks to Helen Langley for an interesting afternoon.