Pykes Billabong

The excursion was to Pykes Billabong and the river flats beside the Goulburn River downstream from Alexandra.


  • The trip to the billabong. The road to Alexandra was along ther river flats, with beautiful rounded hills on either side, and magificent River Red Gums dotting the countryside. The country was very green because of recent (100 mm) rain.
  • Degradation and revegetation.. Crossing the Goulburn River, it was sad to see the degraded banks which once would have had huge Red Gums. However, it was pleasing to see revegetation of a formerly degraded hillside.
  • The billabong. The beautiful billabong was adjacent to the river, and covered with Azolla. Masses of Tree Violet lined the banks. There were willows, purposely planted years ago to stabilise the banks.
  • Murray Cod absent. Eildon Weir now controls release of water into the river, and as the water is released from the bottom, it is icy cold and now Murray Cod are absent from this section of the river.
  • Animals along the billabong. Animals found along this strertch of water include Platypus, Water Rats, Wombats (we saw burrows and scats), Koalas, Sugar Gliders, Echidnas, Brown Swamp Wallabies – and some deer.