Baileys Rocks and Rules Hole

Saturday 8 March 2008

Leader: Rob Kriesl

There were several excursions to these areas. Highlights included

  • Green granite mounds and boulders
  • Varied vegetation associations.
  • The disputed border
  • Rules Hole
  • Baileys Rocks
  • Robertston’s Cave. The first homes in the district used rock quarried from here.
  • Struan House. The house has over 40 rooms, and was built in 1875 from local limestone.The house is now owned by the Department of Primary Insustries.

Fauna and flora included:

Plants in flower

Box Mistletoe

Common Beard-heath

Drooping Mistletoe


Silver Banksia



Bracket Fungus

White Punk

Plants not in flower  

Beaked Hakea

Black-anther Flax-lily

Cotton Fireweed

Narrow-leaf Wattle

Small Grass-tree

Sweet Bursaria

Wrinkled Hakea

Yellow Hakea


Golden Orb Spider

Bent-leaf Spider


Shelduck (30)

Crimson Rosella

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Long-billed Corella

Wedge-tailed Eagle (2)


Brown Falcon

Grey Fantail

Superb Fairy-wren

White-throated Treecreeper

Red Wattlebird

White-eared Honeyeater

Eastern Spinebill

Striated Pardalote

Spotted Pardalote

White-winged Chough



? Raven